Set-404sx Feature Overview: Audio Chunks

Audio Chunks region overview

The purpose of the audio chunks is to delimitate an region of the audio sample that will be assigned to the pads of the SP-404sx.

In details, once an audio sample has been loaded using the file browser, its waveform is created.
You can add many regions as wanted on that waveform.
Then you can visually define the boundaries of each region.

Regions are called chunks and they can be assigned to one or more pads.

Note that regions can be overlapped.

set-404 Audio Chunk region preview

Each chunk have parameters. They are the same as those of the SP-404sx:
Rvrs (reverse)
Time (to specify if it follows the pattern or the user defined BPM)
uBPM (user defined BPM)
eBPM (estimated BPM)
Beat (used to calculate the estimated BPM)

Needless to say, all those chunk’s parameters can be set independently.

set-404sx Chunks Zoom preview

You can zoom to define precisely where begins and ends a chunk.

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