Set404-sx Feature Overview: File browser

For now, the file browser allows to:
– browse different folders 😉
– have quick access to favorite folders
– show relevant files
– preview a selected file
– show useful file information such as BPM, number of channels or sampling rate

Being a fan of renoise since 1.2, I always liked the way in which files were accessed. The file browser is partly inspired by this way of doing.

Ok, be indulgent the look & feel is not yet finalized.


The first column (labelled slot) presents few buttons that will be used to store the path of the folder shown in the right column (labelled folder).

When you click on a folder in the second column, the samples it contains are displayed. By double clicking on a folder, we go inside.

Similarly, when you click on an audio file in the third column, the information is displayed and the sample is played.

Double clicking on the file, will load it into the application and a first region is created.

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